G O O D   N E W S   B A D   N E W S   N E W S P A P E R 
credit: pictures and informations are from http://www.cnn.com/

        An Imaginary project of trying to seperate good news and bad news for an consumer to be able grading news they would like to consume so there would be no problem of receiving too much negative information from newspaper when they don't want to.
          Firstly, there are various way of solving the problem such as pages heirachy, color heirachy, texture heirachy and form heirachy.
I choose form heirachy because it is more easy looking and challenge than color heirachy, easy touching and more practical than texture heirachy, more challenge than pages heirachy so 2 dimension form heirachy is the most suitable way ( for me ) of soving the problem. And this is how it comes out. Circle for good news and Rectangle for bad news.  
P.S.This project is an graphic layout experiment so it is not totally functional.


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