E L E P H A N T  V I L L A G E
A  project from coperate identity class,
The assignment was to create elephant village brand for being tourist attractionof the province , Surin.
Surin is one of the northeastern provinces in thailand that close to cambodia.
The primary culture of Surin is that of the ethnic Lao people who inhabit the region.
Within Thailand, the preferred nomenclature for this culture is "Thai-Isan" to enforce their identity as Thai citizens and differentiate them from the Lao of Laos, but the culture of the region is markedly different from Central Thais. The Isan language is a dialect of Lao, although mutually intelligible with Central Thai. For thai tourist, travelling to Isan could br interested by offering them great experience of being part of this lovely village.
Most of customer is Thai so we create special typeface which contain thai's and cambodian type character so thai customer
could feel the characteristic of the local. I make the coperate valuable for luxury thai customer to visit another luxury 
experience of visiting Elephant village that difference from the previous feeling of visitting Elephant Village.


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