Here are my photography portfolio since 2015. It separate into two parts, Street photos part from my vacation and Commercial part. Most of my photography is Directed, Photograph, Stylise and Retouched by myself. Now I'm looking forward to create unique way of  visual communicating through different techniques and different skill. Feel free to give me your opinion, Your suggestion is meaningful to me.
Random things peoples and perspectives on Thailand \ England \ Japan \ China \ Vietnam \ Hong Kong by using random camera ( Canon70d, Canon5DMIII, iPhone 5s-10, Nikon FM10 ) since 2010 and so on

My clients was Wallpaper* - Th, Marvis - Th, Rompboy, Greyhound, Smileyhound, Studio Act of Kindness, Sudio Marketing Material, Bunjude, Music band, Mustard Sneaker, etc.

My favorite picture. this poster was created due to my trip in japan. I accidentally found that an aircraft wing in my angle just look fuji like!
Commercial Project
2015 - XXXX photofolio
Thank you for appreciated


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